A Letter from God


Dear Child of Mine,

I’m so pleased you stopped by.

Countless times I’ve wanted to pluck you up into my arms and just hold you.

But, now you’re here and I’m so happy!

There are two things I want you to always remember. Always. First and foremost, I love you. No matter what you’ve done, who you’ve been with, or how terrible it was. Nothing can keep me from loving you. Second is that my Grace covers you, and you can get through anything if you depend on Grace.

What is Grace, you ask? Grace is my all-encompassing love and favor towards you, flooding you with courage, peace, wisdom, forgiveness—the exact blessing you need at precisely the right moment. The Grace that washes over you, making you righteous in my eyes, is the blood of my son Jesus—his sacrifice on the cross—not because of anything you have done, will do, or can do.  If you believe in him, when I see you, I see his blood, so precious to me. Jesus is your Grace.

And Grace, my child, makes anything doable.

As majestic as Grace is, there are still those who turn from me. Mostly because some people say I am a judgmental deity who is intent on punishing you. Please don’t listen! These people keep the angels working overtime.

When Jesus left earth, I sent you the Holy Spirit. As the third person in the Trinity, Holy Spirit is what the name suggests, your spirit guide. Jesus is your advocate in heaven, but the Holy Spirit leads, cautions, and empowers you on earth. Listen and you’ll hear him whispering to your heart. I sent you a helper so you can be the best that you can. I don’t want to punish you.

You see, I love you as your Father, but it’s also important for us to be best friends. We can talk about your thoughts, your dreams, your worries and fears. I already know every hidden notion in the depths of your soul. I even know the infinite number of inspirations that floated purposefully into your DNA long before your heartbeat became apparent. So I know you better than you.

Jesus made a substantial promise while on earth: He said that I would forever more receive your requests. If you knock, I listen and respond. Sometimes, however, your desire is premature. The free will I’ve given you often runs ahead of your understanding and my blessing. Other times, for your own good, the answer to your requests must be ‘no,’ and therefore you think I’m not here. But, I answer. Always.

Most of the time, however, it’s just a matter of patience. Understand that I know the true desires of your heart; I put them there. And when at last, those desires come into their season and they match up with your life’s purpose, you will become a vessel of light. Someone who can influence others toward their own divine appointments. For generations.

Believe this.

And believe that you have been perfectly and uniquely made.

When you do, you will move into a life of supernatural power, peace, and purpose.

Trust me.

Step out.

    I Am,

Father God hands prayerful

How do you get saved?

Ask God to come into your heart.

Repent of your sins

Get baptized.

Say this prayer or your own prayer from your heart if you believe you’re a sinner in need of a Savior.

Dear Heavenly Father: Thank you for loving me and for sending Jesus Christ to die for my sins. I know I’m a sinner, undeserving that You should hear my prayer or offer me forgiveness. But, I’ve heard the good news that Jesus died on a cross and was resurrected for my sins and for me! I believe He died that I might have a relationship with You and that I can have eternal life. Lord, I now ask that you reveal yourself to me and help me to live the supernatural life Jesus died for me to have. Indwell me with your Holy Spirit, forgive my sins, and live in my heart as I receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Help me to be what you have called me to be. I love you Lord and I will serve You. And I pray these things in the name of Christ Jesus. Amen.


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  1. Anita Gardner Farrell says:

    Karen, My church has a weekly devotional ministry. Some of us take turns writing them and a devoted, tech-savvy member (who was also an Alpha Chi, but years after our days) sends them out. If you would like to receive them, you can be added to the list here: http://johnsonmemorialumc.us2.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=46f8bd215d26ad29cf49b12b9&id=f8435cc08b
    I will send you one of mine if you’d like.

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