Israel, My Grace

By | Easter

A statue of jesus and the empty tomb.

Happy Easter!! The Israelites have always been and continue to be God’s chosen. When Jesus came to Earth it wasn’tfor all mankind, but for Israel. Jesus was born and He died a Jewish man, butthe Christwas resurrectedfor us all! While many things can be written for Easter, I offer “Israel, My Grace.”

God led them
Through a sea of fame,
Their reputation sealed.
They were famished,
Then they ate manna,
They were chosen,
Yet grew strong-willed.

A view of the city from above at dusk.

The holy city, Jerusalem

Do we not bear
A strong resemblance
To their pride and their woe?
Our wilderness journey
Winds inexhaustibly,
Lessons vanish,
Wandering grows.

I ask, “Lord, shall I drive
To the church
And play the organ
Or choose my knees
And stir my faith?
Where is my deliverance, Lord,
Where shall I find grace?

“From your People,
Who shunned redemption?
Surely not,
They nearly died.
You moved from them,
But not forever
Despite defiance, sin, and pride.
“You, oh Lord,
Watched their wounds fester,
As they drifted
Until at last
You plucked them
Out offoreign sovereignties.”

Once we watched
As tattoos numbered them,
Now we watch black hoods,
Dark eyes.
God Almighty watching o’er them,
As friends depart,
Their once ally.

‘Neath God’s wings
They now take refuge
In the fox lair,
While nations watch.
Fighting always fighting, Zion,
Oblivious to
The Christian clock.

I will drive
To the church
And play the organ
I will kneel
To stir my faith.
I will stand with Israel forever,
God’s tiny instrument of Grace.

Zion’s cloak, loose about her,
Does not cover naked flaws;
As the world’s revulsion heightens
She shines on sacred hills and holds
Her valleys like a Child she suckles,
Predisposed by God’s own hand.
Oh Israel hear your prophets calling,
“Hold fast to the Promise Land.”

A church with many statues and candles in the background.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, a high point for a Christian’s pilgrimage to Jerusalem.


9 Responses to " Israel, My Grace "

  1. I loved it! Your poetry is beautiful and of course, the subject was right on. I am so glad that the writing bug is back!!! Love ya!

    • So glad you loved it! I’m not a poet, but a poet friend gave me some thoughtful things to ponder. I actually wrote this a while back. Blessings at Easter and always! ❤️

  2. Cheryl says:

    Bravo Cuz➕??

  3. Jackie Forbes says:

    I’m so blessed to have a gifted cousin in the family. Your insight and spiritual depth is awe inspiring. I’m so proud of you and your love of God. Your writing speaks to the heart of God. Our loved ones look down from heaven and beam with pride at this daughter of the most high. May God continue to bless you. I look forward to reading more from you. Happy Easter. He is risen! Love you!

    • Jackie, you are so very generous with your words! Thank you my darling cousin. I’m so glad we have this supernatural love for our Lord in common. Miss and love you!

  4. I hate it when I write a heartfelt comment and it doesn’t go through. I said that you are the gifted one. The one that God has chosen to use your language talents to benefit us all. Thank you my amazing lifelong friend. You make me better. Love you!

    • Alice, I so understand how frustrating it is to write something in the passion of the moment and have it disappear. We can’t recreate it. But your words are always passionate, dear friend, and I thank you for what you’ve shared. Im so glad the Holy Spirit is working through me to bless you!!! I can’t tell you how it blesses me when that happens! Love you, old buddy!! Thanks for making sure it went through!! ❤️

  5. Alan Stagg says:

    Woke up to read this this morning. Perfect – thank you Karyn, my wife and best friend.